For Providers

Healthcare providers are the key to increasing HPV vaccination rates throughout Alaska. Below are some tools and resources designed to help identify the best practices to implement within your practice to increase vaccination rates, along with ideas for effective communication to parents and patients about the safety and effectiveness of the HPV vaccine.

Join Us for HPV Vaccination Week !

Mark your calendars for April 18 – 24, 2021, and prepare to help spread the word about preventing HPV-related cancers in Alaska’s children, through vaccination and education.

Resources for Providers

Campaign Toolkit

A one-stop-shop toolkit for healthcare staff and volunteers. Providers can use this guide to consult for ideas and strategy. It includes links to other helpful resources, social media guidance, calls-to-action by department, and so much more!

CME Training: You Are the Key to HPV Cancer Prevention

Learn to identify the components of an effective HPV vaccine recommendation, including differentiating between participatory and presumptive recommendations.

HPV Vacs: Just the Facts, for Providers

A thorough fact sheet with supporting information and talking points.

Steps for Increasing HPV Vaccination in Practice

An action guide to implement evidence-based strategies for clinicians.

HPV VACs Program

Information about the HPV VACs Program (Vaccinate Adolescents against Cancers).

HPV Yoga Video

Do this 3-minute HPV Yoga routine at your next staff meeting to remind providers of the importance of a recommendation.

Promoting HPV Vaccination during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Talking points about the impact COVID-19 has had on HPV vaccination, as well as messaging to promote getting the vaccination despite the pandemic.

Cancer Prevention Through HPV Vaccination: An Action Guide for Dental Health Care Providers

An action guide sharing ways dental providers can play a role in HPV prevention.


If you plan to hold a HPV Vaccination Clinic for HPV Vaccination Week, ensure you have enough HPV vaccine stock either through state-supplied vaccine or privately purchased vaccine. The Alaska Immunization Program provides no-cost vaccines to participating medical providers for eligible patients of all ages. If you are interested in enrolling to receive state-supplied vaccine, please email the Alaska Immunization Program at