Mark Your Calendars!

August 2023: HPV Vaccination Month

We invite healthcare providers to participate in Alaska’s HPV Vaccination Month to protect Alaska’s kids against HPV-related cancers. 

By participating, your organization can help improve Alaska’s HPV vaccination rates, improve health outcomes, and ultimately help save lives.

How to get Involved as a Campaign Partner:

1. Sign up as an official partner of Alaska HPV Vaccination Month.

2. Plan and implement an HPV clinical or promotional activity.

Suggested activities:

  • CME Training for your staff
  • Include HPV vaccination in your standing orders
  • Strongly suggest HPV vaccinations starting at age 9
  • Provide patient and parent education materials
  • Add extended hours to your clinic or organize a special HPV Month event
  • See our Pledge for many more ideas or come up with your own

3. Increase your HPV vaccination rates and share best practices.

HPV Vaccination Month Educational Webinars

Alaska Vaccine ECHO: Adolescent Vaccines

May 16, 2 p.m. ADT

The Alaska Vaccine ECHO is a virtual learning network intended for clinical care providers involved in the distribution and administration of vaccinations to interface with a team of medical and education experts in Alaska. Each session will include a brief didactic presentation followed by Q&A, and guided discussion or case presentation as an integral part of the learning experience.


If you plan to hold a HPV Vaccination Clinic for HPV Vaccination Month, ensure you have enough HPV vaccine stock either through state-supplied vaccine or privately purchased vaccine. The Alaska Immunization Program provides no-cost vaccines to participating medical providers for eligible patients of all ages. If you are interested in enrolling to receive state-supplied vaccine, please email the Alaska Immunization Program at