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Protect Your Children Against HPV Cancers

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses linked to multiple types of cancer and other diseases. Protect your children from HPV-related cancers and ask your healthcare provider about getting your child vaccinated against HPV today!

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Protecting Our Children from HPV Cancers

The HPV vaccine is for both boys and girls. Vaccination helps reduce the risk of cancer in our children. One-page infographic.

HPV Vaccination: Just the Facts for Parents

HPV is a Serious Disease…Make Sure Your Child is Protected

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HPV: A Parent’s Guide to Preteen and Teen HPV Vaccination

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6 Reasons to get the HPV Vaccine for Your Child

Learn important reasons to vaccinate against HPV, and talk to your child’s doctor or nurse about HPV cancer prevention at ages 11 to 12.

Call, Don’t Cancel

Talking about vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.