For Parents

Protect Your Children Against HPV Cancers

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses linked to multiple types of cancer and other diseases. Protect your children from HPV-related cancers and ask your healthcare provider about getting your child vaccinated against HPV today!

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Protect Your Preteen/Teen with Vaccines

Protect them from serious diseases including HPV cancers,
meningitis, tetanus, whooping cough, flu, and COVID-19.

Protecting Our Children from HPV Cancers

The HPV vaccine is for both boys and girls. Vaccination helps reduce the risk of cancer in our children. One-page infographic.

HPV Vaccination: Just the Facts for Parents

The need-to-know facts about HPV vaccinations.

CDC Video: HPV Vaccination is Cancer Prevention

In this short video, a cervical cancer survivor shares that her personal experience makes her dedicated to protecting her own children from HPV-related cancers.

Childhood and Adolescent Vaccine Education Series

Pediatricians address the most common questions parents ask about their children’s vaccinations and offer tips on finding correct information online.

Take a Shot at Cancer!

Facts and information about HPV prevention.

HPV: Questions and Answers

Call, Don’t Cancel

Talking about vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic.